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Contact hire@ovahere.com or call (415) 642-HERE to request a quote or more info.  Please include: event or business details, date, times, location and any other relevant information to ensure a timely response.

To help save cost and promote your event or business, PACKAGES are available with all of the following OvaHere Services.

  • Photography — any type, specializing in event and venue/location, includes post-production and hosting/posting on OvaHere.com
  • Videography — event, venue/location, corporate or promotional videos, includes editing
  • Design — web or print
  • Business or Event Listing — advertise on OvaHere.com

Clients/Partners include: Bill Graham Presents (Clear Channel), T-Mobile, Live 105, Alice Radio, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, MDA, City Attorney's Office, Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), YMCA, Bay Meadows, Exotic Erotic Ball, Snowbomb.com, Boys & Girls Club, and many more from the music, corporate, fashion, party promotion, sports, and professional industries.
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